Annually James Sprunt Community College (JSCC) reviews the functions and services of the College.  All assigned areas for review are approved by the Institutional Effectiveness Committee and placed on a five-year cycle. The list is updated to ensure all functions and services of the College are assessed.  This ensures the College is investigating its ability to meet the Board of Trustees’ approved Mission and Goals, and ensures JSCC is meeting the needs of the student, faculty, and staff.

Annually the College reviews the cycle and tasks a department director to establish an assessment plan, enact the assessment plan and collect the information to be presented in a report by July 1 (end of the planning year).  All data collection and report collaboration is facilitated through the Director of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness. The final report is presented to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee for review, and the committee establishes recommendations for each respective area. The recommendations are presented to the responsible areas which in turn are entrusted to carry out the recommendations. A one year follow up is conducted to investigate the impact of those recommendations.

The One Year Follow-up is conducted in January of each planning year to investigate if previous action(s) taken had a positive impact on facilitating student learning. If actions taken did not have an impact by January, there is still time in the planning period to conduct interviews or focus groups to investigate why the function is not meeting the needs of our service area. A full history of function assessment can be found at the JSCC Library or contact the Director of Research, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness. 

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