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Assessment of Goal Key Indicators

Annually James Sprunt Community College (JSCC) conducts institutional assessments to grasp how well we (JSCC) are meeting our institutional goals. Each goal is reviewed, measured documented and distributed annually.

This document is collected in the office of the Coordinator of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, but the actual data points are collected from every division of the College. In 2001 there was a movement system wide to designate critical success factors of a community college. JSCC used those factors to investigate how well we are meeting our goals as a community college. Since then, we have continually researched, gathered, documented and distributed these factors to the College and the community. There are several reasons to conduct the assessment:

  • To gain a better view of the performance of the College
  • Provide the Institutional Effectiveness Committee the opportunity to review assessment measures used by the institution
  • Provide reference assessment tools for faculty and staff to use while assessing, creating action and future plans for continual improvement
  • Provide the College and the greater community a snapshot of how well JSCC is meeting our board approved Mission and Institutional Goals.

Key performance indicators are vital to ensuring continued success of our students.