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Strategic Planning

Areas of Strategic Emphasis

  1. Develop pathways to strengthen our K-16 initiative.
  2. Develop technical outreach programs to meet the vocational needs of high school students.
  3. Address issues of academic preparedness in students.
  4. Proactive marketing and recruitment of students.
  5. Provide faculty and staff with training opportunities necessary for them to excel in their work.
  6. Partner with business and industry to provide skill sets necessary to keep and attract jobs to our area.
  7. Partner with business and industry to upgrade and retrain employee skills to address future needs.
  8. Strengthen/ develop financial relationships with community “Partners”.
  9. Review funding streams to ensure best use of funds to meet the needs of our community.
  10. Strengthen/ develop relationships with community members to improve our ability to integrate the needs of our community and build a sense of ownership in the college.
  11. Strengthen /develop relationships with business and industry to ensure that we are oriented to the needs of our community.
  12. Strengthen/ develop vocational ties between our schools, businesses, and industries.

Adopted by the JSCC Board of Trustees January 2015

Core Values 12-2014


  • We provide high quality educational opportunities and necessary support services to help all students develop critical thinking skills and achieve their goals.


  • We seek partnerships with schools, businesses, industries, and community organizations to create a seamless transition from school to a career or continued education.


  • We uphold honesty, ethical behavior, and respect in pursuit of an atmosphere of open communication and accountability.


  • We strive to attract and embrace staff whose diverse view points and experiences are valued.


  • We adapt to an evolving, global environment to create a competitive, employable workforce.

Adopted by the JSCC Board of Trustees January 2015


Norma Jean Hatcher
Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Phone:  910.275.6163
Email:  njhatcher@jamessprunt.edu

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. - Winston Churchill

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