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Student Success Stories

We are a college where you can start your educational journey and go anywhere your drive, determination and dreams take you. We are your bridge to success!

Check out our feature stories on James Sprunt students and alum!

Alumni Stories

Jillian Advertising Graphic Design Alum

Jillian Smith, Advertising and Graphic Design Alum

Eric Southerland, a James Sprunt Criminal Justice alum

Eric Southerland, BLET and Criminal Justice Alum

James "Bonecrusher" Smith

James “Bonecrusher” Smith, Business Administration Alum

Bass Brothers Graduate Together

Quinton Bass and Charles Bass, Brothers Graduate Together

Southeastern Farm School Student Charles Vickers stands by his tractor

Charles Vickers, Southeastern Farm School Graduate


Austin Batts, Welding Alum

Life After Hurricane Florence Series

Hunter Hanchey

Hunter Hanchey, Criminal Justice Student

Amelia Bridges

Amelia Bridges, Practical Nursing Student

Kenneth Outlaw

Kenneth Outlaw, Welding Student

Ginger Jenkins

Ginger Jenkins, Accounting Student

Jacob Cavenaugh

Jacob Cavenaugh, Information Technology – Networking Student

Joanna Lanier, Jerry Coats, Jennifer Sutton, Advertising and Graphic Design Students

Student Feature and Success Stories

Samantha Monroe, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Student

Samantha Monroe, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Student

Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Mitchell, Practical Nursing Student

Eisha McCoy, Barber School Student

Eisha McCoy, Barber School Student

Javonte Williams

Javonte Williams, College Transfer Student

kia jeffers

Kia Jeffers, College Transfer Student

Cannon Herring

Cannon Herring, Barber School Student

Kinsley and Hollywood

Kinsley DeLeon, Applied Animal Science Student




More success stories and quotes:

“I am thankful that JSCC is here”

Seth GradyDuplin native Seth Grady has received the North Carolina Community College Academic Excellence Award for 2010-2011 for James Sprunt Community College.

Seth received his GED in 1998 and went out into the workforce. He worked for 9 years, eventually going into management at Guilford East in Duplin County. When downsizing took his job, he decided it was time to return to JSCC to pursue what he always wanted to do. In May, 2011, he will graduate with an Associate Degree in Computer Technology.

“I’m thankful that JSCC is here. It was devastating to loose my job with a family to provide for. But with financial assistance, I have been able to come back to school. Being downsized has become a blessing,” said Grady.

“It was affordable and JSCC is right here at home”

Katy DiazDuplin native Katy Diaz followed in her grandmother’s footsteps by going into the nursing field and coming to James Sprunt Community College. Forty years after her grandmother graduated from James Sprunt Technical College, Katy graduated in Medical Assisting in 2008, and the Licensed Practical Nurse program in 2010.

“It was affordable and JSCC is right here at home. They have good teachers, but the biggest key is the accessibility and flexibility,” said Katy. She graduated from high school in 2001 and returned to school in 2006. With 3 children and a husband, accessibility and flexibility were the keys to success for her. “My husband made a big sacrifice, going back to night shift work so that I could come to school during the day. I would never have made it without him and my extended support system of family and friends.”

While at JSCC, Katy was Student of the Month, and was nominated for the Academic Excellence Award in 2008.

“JSCC made it possible for me, a single mom of 4, to afford college”

Lisa KingLisa King first walked the halls of James Sprunt Community College in 1985 when she returned to school to get her GED. “I’m really thankful to have a great community college right here at home. Without that, I would not have been able to further my education,” said King.

In 2010, Lisa graduated from the Associate Degree Nursing program, after completing her Associates Degrees in Medical Assisting and General Education in 2007, and her diploma in Practical Nursing in 2008. She is now employed with a medical center in Duplin County.

Lisa, the proud mother of 3 girls and a boy, spent two decades as a wife and mother raising her family. As her children grew older, she began to consider what she wanted in life after the children were grown and gone. She had always had an interest in nursing and decided to return to school to pursue that dream.

“JSCC made it possible for me, a single mom of 4, to afford college,” said Lisa. Hard work, scholarships, financial aid, and strong academic and personal support systems have all played key roles in her success.

“JSCC gave me the foundation skills to succeed”

Davin MaddenDavin Madden received his Associate In Science Degree from JSCC in 1995, his Bachelor of Arts Degree in chemistry from UNC Wilmington in 1997, and his Masters Degree in Health Services Administration from Strayer University in 2008.

His career has spanned 15 years and 3 counties, with his most recent promotion coming in May of 2009 as Health Director for Pamlico County. His position is responsible for the environmental department, WIC, clinical services, clerical services, vital records, and Health Education and Promotion programs. He also serves as chairman of that county’s Child Prevention Task Force, and is a member of the Hope Clinic Board.

“JSCC prepared me to move into a four-year college and gave me the necessary skills to maintain my academics and focus on my goals,” said Davin. “Success is not a static reward. It requires constant action and commitment. You have to go out and get it,” he added.

“It’s never too late to go back to school”

Sue LeachAfter 30 years as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Sue Leach returned to school for her Associates Degree in Nursing. She will graduate from James Sprunt Community College in May 2011.

Sue spent 30 years working in an emergency room setting in Arkansas and Texas, but after relocating to Wilmington 4 years ago, she decided it was a good time to get the education necessary to become a Registered Nurse. James Sprunt was her choice of community colleges to get that education. Sue hopes to go back into a hospital setting, possibly in an outpatient surgery unit.

“Now I can be a bridge to success for others”

Susan LongSusan Long began her career as a Practical Nurse Education Instructor with James Sprunt Community College in 2002. However, her relationship with JSCC extended back as far as 1990 as a student.

After 10 years out of high school, Susan returned to school at JSCC and received her Associate Degree in Nursing in 1992. Eight years later she returned to begin taking classes towards her Bachelor Of Science Degree in Nursing. These classes easily transferred to UNC Wilmington, where she completed her BSN. In December 2008, she completed her Masters Degree in nursing education through the online courses at Duke University.

“James Sprunt Community College made it possible for me to attend college as a mother and wife. Without JSCC, my career options would have been significantly limited. It allowed me to gradually achieve my career goals,” said Long.

“Keep your eyes on the prize”

Michael RayMichael Ray went from a GED graduate from James Sprunt Community College to an art instructor at Clinton High School. He is also an accomplished artist.

He received his Associate in Graphic Design degree from James Sprunt Community College in 1994 and his Bachelor Of Fine Art in Art Education from East Carolina University. Finding one’s own passion in life is a unique accomplishment, and the ability to help others find that passion is truly a gift. Michael brings a vibrant enthusiasm for art, a dedication to teaching, and a personal example of achievement to his students.

“My degree from James Sprunt was the first time I graduated,” said Michael Ray. “Being a member of the art program at JSCC was like a family. I made some of my most incredible friends there, and I really began to realize who I was.”

“I wanted to better myself”

Benjamin GonzalesIn December 2008, Benjamin Gonzales received his GED from James Sprunt Community College. After two decades of unproductive choices, Benjamin knew that he needed to find a way to make a better life for his new family, and he did. Getting his GED started out as a need, then it became a personal, driving ambition. Benjamin’s wife Stephanie also attended James Sprunt Community College and graduated from the Associate Degree Nursing program.

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