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Associate in General Education

Associate of General Education

The Associate in General Education program is designed for the academic enrichment of students who wish to broaden their education, with emphasis on personal interest, growth and development.

Coursework includes study in the areas of humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and English composition. Opportunities for the achievement of competence in reading, writing, oral communication, fundamental mathematical skills, and the basic use of computers will be provided.

Through these skills, students will have a sound base for lifelong learning. Graduates are prepared for advancements within their field of interest and become better qualified for a wide range of employment opportunities.

Successful completion of 64-65 semester hour credits leads to an Associate in General Education degree.

PrefixCourse TitleCredit Hours
General Education-15
Universal General Education Transfer Component
English Composition- 6 semester hours credit required
Course TitleSemester Hours Credit
ENG 111Writing and Inquiry3
ENG 112Writing/Research in the Disciplines3
Humanities/Fine Arts/Communications- 3 semester hours credit required. Select from the following:
ART 111Art Appreciation3
ART 114Art History Survey I3
ART 115Art History Survey II3
COM 231Public Speaking3
ENG 231American Literature I3
ENG 232American Literature II3
ENG 241British Literature I3
ENG 242British Literature II3
HUM 115Critical Thinking3
MUS 110Music Appreciation3
MUS 112Introduction to Jazz3
PHI 215Philosophical issues3
PHI 240Introduction to Ethics3
REL 110World Religions3
Social/Behavioral Sciences- 3 semester hours credit required. Select from the following:
ECO 251Principles of Microeconomics3
ECO 252Principles of Macroeconomics3
HIS 111World Civilizations I3
HIS 112World Civilizations II3
HIS 131American History I3
HIS 132American History II3
POL 120American Government3
PSY 150General Psychology3
SOC 210Introduction to Sociology3
Natural Sciences/Mathematics- 3 semester hours credit required Select from the following:
AST 111/111ADescriptive Astronomy4
AST 151/151AGeneral Astronomy I4
BIO 110Principles of Biology4
BIO 111General Biology4
CHM 151General Chemistry I4
CIS 115Intro to Program and Logic3
GEL 111Geology4
MAT 110Math Measurement & Literacy3
MAT 143Quantitative Literacy3
MAT 152Statistical Methods I4
MAT 171Pre-calculus Algebra4
OTHER REQUIRED HOURS (49 semester hours)
Other required hours include additional general education and professional courses. A maximum of 6 semester hours credit in health, and physical education.
Academic Related
ACA 115Success & Study Skills OR1
ACA 122College Transfer Success1
*The General Education curriculum is designed for the student who desires a general background in the liberal arts but does not intend to transfer to a four year institution.
General Option
The General option is designed to meet the individual studentÕs needs and provide the greatest flexibility. A student may select college-level course (including the core courses) of interest to complete the degree requirements. The student will meet with an academic advisor to plan a personally-tailored program of study.
Vocational and Technical Instructors Option
The Instructors Option is designed for students who desire to teach in vocational and/or technical programs in technical colleges, community colleges, trade schools, high schools and similar institutions that do not require a four year baccalaureate degree. An individualized program of study will be designed with an academic advisor. The program allows a student to receive credit for previous training, experience and formal study in the studentÕs area of expertise. A maximum of thirty-two hours of credit may be granted as follows:
I. Educational and Work Experience
A. Sixteen semester hours credit for full-time trade school, twelve months (1440 hours) in one special skilled area certified by diploma or letter by trade school officials. Maximum sixteen semester hours of credit.
B. One semester hour credit per ninety hours of full-time trade instruction for programs of less than one-year duration. Certified by diploma or letter by company school. Maximum sixteen semester hours of credit.
II. One semester hour of credit per forty hours of special short course instruction by a company-sponsored school. Certified by diploma, certificate or letter by company school. Maximum three semester hours of credit.
III. Three semester hours of credit for each full year of employment (outside of James Sprunt Community College) in a situation where teaching was primary employment. Maximum three semester hours of credit.
IV. Five semester hours of credit for each full year of employment at James Sprunt Community College with teaching the specialty courses as the primary responsibility. Maximum fifteen semester hours of credit
V. Two semester hours of credit for each full year of employment in the specialty occupation qualified to teach. Maximum ten semester hours of credit.
Credits earned in industrial and/or vocational programs offered by regionally accredited collegiate level institutions are acceptable in meeting requirements in the area of specialization.
Beyond the core requirements in General Education, ACA 115, and credit received for previous training, experience and formal study, the student is free to select college-level courses to complete the 65 semester hours required for the degree.

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