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Pre-College / Basic Skills Programs

Subscribing to the philosophy of life-long learning, the Continuing Education Division offers a wide range of courses and programs for adults of all ages and interests.

What are Pre-College / Basic Skills Programs?

Pre-College/Basic Skills programs are intended for students age 16 or older who no longer attend public or private school. Classes are located on campus. All classes are free!

Welcome to the Pre-College/Basic Skills Programs.  At James Sprunt Community College, we are here to help you improve your reading, writing, math, and technological skills so that you can successfully obtain your adult high school (AHS) diploma or your high school equivalency (HSE) credential.

All classes are free* and are located on the JSCC campus as well as other sites throughout Duplin County.

*Registered students are required to pay a $5 student activity fee for each session.

In order to enroll you must:

  • Attend an orientation (see our orientation schedule)
  • Attend a HRD session
  • Meet with your advisor and register for classes
  • Attend classes!!

*If you are enrolling in Adult High School, please bring your transcripts.

If you are under 18 years old, you must complete our Basic Skills Underage Form and bring it with you to orientation.

We have 5 great programs to get you on your way to achieving your goals:

  • Adult Basic Education
  • High School Equivalency
  • Adult High School
  • English-as-a Second Language
  • Basic Skills Plus

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

The ABE program is designed to provide students with foundational academic skills in preparation for our AHS or HSE program.

The purpose of the ABE program is to provide the fundamental academic skills needed to function in today’s technological society. While focusing on accelerated reading and math skills, the ABE program explores ways to enhance your job performance, parenting skills, household management, civic participation, self-esteem, thinking skills, and other life skills. ABE provides critical review courses in preparation for AHS or HSE.

Students in our ABE courses will have the opportunity to explore potential career options as well as build their employability skills such as communication skills, problem-solving skills, time management, and computer skills.

Students in the ABE courses are eligible to join the MECA Academy. The MECA Academy gives students a hands-on opportunity to explore several career options: Small Engines, Cosmetology, Electronics, HVAC, and Healthcare.

High School Equivalency (HSE)

The HSE program offers students the opportunity to gain the academic skills necessary to successfully pass the High School Equivalency test (also known as GED). Students will receive comprehensive instructional materials and strategies for all subjects: Language Arts, Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Writing. Classes are available in various locations as well as online.

Formerly referred to as General Education Development or GED class, the High School Equivalency (HSE) Prep Class prepares students to take either High School Equivalency test offered at JSCC. These courses will cover the five sub-sections that make-up the HSE examination: Language Arts- Writing; Social Studies; Science; Language Arts- Reading; and Mathematics.


Aug. 8, 2022             M – TH          8AM-12PM        Boyette

Aug. 8, 2022             M – TH          1PM-4PM           Boyette

Aug. 8, 2022             M – W             6PM-9PM          Boyette

Aug. 8, 2022             T – TH             6PM-9PM          Boyette

Aug. 8, 2022             ONLINE

GED classes are NOT offered online.   Students must attend orientation and complete testing. Items needed:

  1. Drivers license
  2. SS card (if they have one)

If you do not have either of these items, we will just need another form(s) of ID.

High School Equivalency Testing

The State of North Carolina has approved three different high school equivalency assessments: GED®, HiSET™, and TASC™. All three tests lead to the same North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges High School Equivalency Diploma. JSCC will offer two of the assessments: GED®, HiSET™. Our HSE preparation classes are designed to prepare the student for any of these tests.

GED® Testing Service is a computer-based test. There are four parts to the test: Language Arts (Reading and Writing are combined), Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. The cost for the test is $80 ($20 per test), and students can retake each section twice for free. For more information, go to www.ged.com.

HiSET™ is a computer or paper-based test. There are five parts to the test: Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. The complete battery of test is $50 ($10 per test). If you purchase each section individually, each test will cost $15 ($75 for the complete battery of test). Students can retake each section twice for free if they purchased the complete battery. For more information, go to www.hiset.ets.org.

High School Equivalency Transcripts

To obtain your HSE diploma and transcript, please visit http://www.nccommunitycolleges.edu/college-and-career-readiness/high-school-equivalency/high-school-equivalency-records.

Adult High School (AHS)

Adult High School is an accelerated academic program designed for individuals who have earned HS (high school) credit but was unable to complete their diploma. Bring an official transcript and let our staff access your transcripts and get you on your way to completing your HS diploma.

The James Sprunt Community College Adult High School Diploma Program allows students to complete their HS credits and receive a diploma issued by Duplin County School and JSCC. To graduate, students must complete 22 credits (28 credits for minors). These credits can be earned entirely at JSCC or an official transcript from the last attended high school can verify earned credits. The remainder of the required credits would be completed at JSCC. Students must satisfactorily complete the following courses to receive a diploma.


          Aug. 8, 2022             M – TH          8AM-12PM        Boyette

Aug. 8, 2022             M – TH          1PM-4PM           Boyette

Aug. 8, 2022             M – W             6PM-9PM          Boyette

Aug. 8, 2022             T – TH             6PM-9PM          Boyette

Aug. 8, 2022             ONLINE


English – 4 units


Pre-Algebra-1 unit
Algebra I-1 unit
Geometry-1 unit
Additional Math-1 unit

Social Studies

Civics – 1 unit
US History – 2 Units
World History – 1 Unit


Physical Science – 1 unit
Biology – 1 unit
Earth Science – 1 unit


Health – 1 unit


6 units
12 units-minors

After students have completed ALL required credits (as outlined above) with a minimum of one unit in the Adult High School Program, they are eligible to receive their Adult High School Diploma.

Adult High School Transcripts

To request an official AHS transcript:

  • Complete the AHS Transcript Request Form
  • Pay the $5 transcript fee at JSCC Business Office
  • Please allow 48 hours for processing


Once diplomas have been signed, students will receive a call informing them that their diploma is ready to be picked up. Students must pick up their diplomas from the Pre-College/Basic Skills office.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The ESL program is designed for adults whose native language is not English. Classes are designed to serve the needs of those individuals who have no English skills up to those who are advanced in English.

Instruction focuses on English reading, writing, math, and communicating skills which enable students to interact effectively in the community and workplace. ESL classes help individuals develop workplace skills, assist their children with schoolwork, better understand American culture and history, and improve communication skills.

All classes are free* and are located on various locations.


Aug. 8, 2022             M & W          5-9PM        Boyette 210

          Aug. 8, 2022              T & TH         6-9PM         Beulaville Municipal Building

Aug. 8, 2022               M & W         6-9PM          Beulaville Municipal Building


Basic Skills Plus

Basic Skills Plus program allows students to earn their diploma while earning a career credential at the same time. The tuition for the certificate programs will be waived. The current certifications offered in the Basic Skills Plus program are: Certified Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomy Certificate, Welding Certificate, and Electrical Systems Technology Certificate, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Certificate, Word Processing Certificate, Business Computer Application Certificate, and Bookkeeping Certificate. Students must have a minimum CASAS score of 236 in Reading and Math to be eligible for the program.

To enroll in Basic Skills Plus, students must:

  • Be enrolled in HSE or AHS classes
  • Score a minimum score of 236 on the Reading and Math CASAS assessments
  • Complete the Basic Skills Plus Application
  • Schedule a meeting with Autumn Baker at 910.275.6191

Summer Orientation Schedule 

Starts May 9, 2022

Students must attend Orientation to enroll in any Basic Skills classes

Call now to register for orientation:

  • ZiYea Smith 910.275.6199
  • Sherri Thigpen 910.275.6191


       PROGRAM                                      DAYS               TIMES        LOCATION
ESL Only 2nd & 4th Monday of each month. 8:30PM – 12:00PM


4:30PM – 8:00PM

Boyette, Room 210
AHS/HSE (GED) 2nd & 4th Monday & Thursdays of each month. 8:30AM – 12:00PM


4:30PM – 8:00PM

Boyette, Room 210

Items to Bring:

*Signed picture ID                      *Social Security Card                      *HS Transcript (AHS only)

*Minors must have a completed underage form: www.jamessprunt.edu/basic-skills




Adult High School

Subscribing to the philosophy of life-long learning, the Continuing Education Division offers a wide range of courses and programs for adults of all ages and interests.

Learn More

Sherri Thigpen
Director of College and Career Readiness
Phone:  910.275.6191
Email:  sthigpen@jamessprunt.edu