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Fall 2020 Completely Online Classes

Completely online classes are done on your time! Log into your class whenever you need to, and wherever you may be. There’s no need to come to campus, and there’s no need to even be at home. You can complete your assignments from anywhere in the world, you just need a reliable internet connection.


Fall 2020 Online Class Offerings

ACA-115 Success & Study Skills

ACA-122 College Transfer Success

AGR-150 Ag-O-Metrics

AGR-214 Agricultural Marketing

ANS-140 Swine Production

ANS-180 Equine Production

ANS-240 Swine Prod Issues 

ART-111 Art Appreciation

ART-111 Art Appreciation

ART-114 Art History Survey I

ART-116 Survey of American Art

BIO-112 General Biology II

BIO-168 Anatomy and Physiology I

BUS-110 Introduction to Business

BUS-110 Introduction to Business

BUS-115 Business Law I

BUS-115 Business Law I

BUS-125 Personal Finance

BUS-137 Principles of Management

BUS-151 People Skills 

BUS-260 Business Communication

CHM-151 General Chemistry I

CHM-152 General Chemistry II

CIS-110 Introduction to Computers

CJC-111 Intro to Criminal Justice

CJC-112 Criminology (Required Zoom Class Meetings)

CJC-131 Criminal Law (Required Zoom Class Meetings)

CJC-141 Corrections

CJC-233 Correctional Law (Required Zoom Class Meetings)

COM-231 Public Speaking

CTS-135 Integrated Software Intro

CTS-130 Spreadsheet 

EDU-119 Intro to Early Child Educ

EDU-144 Child Development I

EDU-145 Child Development II

EDU-151 Creative Activities

EDU-151A Creative Activities Lab

EDU-234 Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

EDU-261 Early Childhood Admin I

EDU-263 School-Age Program Admin

EDU-281 Instruc Strat/Read & Writ

ENG 101 Applied Communications I

ENG-111 Writing and Inquiry

ENG-112 Writing/Research in the Disciplines

ENG-232 American Literature II

GRD-110 Typography I

GRD-153 Computer Design Tech II

HEA-110 Personal Health/Wellness

HIS-121 Western Civilization I

HIS-131 American History I

HIS-132 American History II

HUM-115 Critical Thinking

HUM-122 Southern Culture

MAT-110 Math Measurement & Literacy

MAT-171 Precalculus Algebra

MKT-120 Principles of Marketing

MUS-110 Music Appreciation

MUS-112 Introduction to Jazz

OST-080 Keyboarding Literacy

PED-111 Physical Fitness I 

POL-120 American Government

PSY-150 General Psychology

PSY-241 Developmental Psych

PSY-263 Educational Psychology

REL-211 Intro to Old Testament

REL-211 Intro to Old Testament

REL-212 Intro to New Testament

SOC-210 Introduction to Sociology

SOC-210 Introduction to Sociology

SOC-213 Sociology of the Family

SOC-220 Social Problems

SPA-111 Elementary Spanish I

SPA-112 Elementary Spanish II