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SALT Financial Literacy

SALT and James Sprunt Community College partnered to give you resources for scholarship money, tips for writing scholarship essays, guidance on applying for financial aid and advice on how to manage student debt.

Join for free at: saltmoney.org/JamesSprunt

SALT is a free, online resource that helps students finance a higher education, manage any debt, and build money skills.

SALT can help you with:

  • Tracking and planning your student loans
  • Finding scholarships, internships, and jobs
  • Managing student loans
  • Creating a manageable budget
  • Credit and debt management
  • Saving and investing

Have questions about managing your loans?

Call loan support at 877.523.9473 or email loanhelp@saltmoney.org

Need help with your membership, SALT Courses, or using the website?

Call member support at 855.469.2724 or email membersupport@saltmoney.org

If your financial aid has not been AWARDED (check Web Advisor) by Registration Day, you will be responsible for payment of your tuition and books.

If additional documentation is required for financial aid, you will be notified by student email and postal mail. Submit your information as soon as possible to avoid processing delays. Your financial aid is not complete until ALL documentation has been received by the financial aid office.

Check your student email often.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing your financial aid documentation.

  • 910-275-6379
  • 910-296-1314