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Scholarships Available

Annual and Endowed Scholarships

  • James and Mary Elizabeth Albertson Scholarship
  • Albertson Ruritan Club Scholarship
  • Garland Alphin Scholarship
  • Beulaville Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
  • Carolina East Nursing Scholarship
  • Charles F. Blanchard Memorial Scholarship
  • Edward L. and Helen A. Boyette Scholarship
  • Alan and Millie Ivey Brown Scholarship
  • Lynn and Anthony Brown Memorial Scholarship
  • James E. and Mary Z. Bryan Memorial Scholarship
  • Mae B. Butler Memorial Scholarship
  • Earl and Lynette Caison/McDonald’s of Warsaw/Wallace Scholarship
  • William G. and Dianne Canuette Scholarship
  • Addis P. Cates Scholarship
  • Brenda Cates and Alisa Ortman Scholarship
  • Kirk Crisman/DCPC Educational Scholarship
  • Judy Davis Memorial Scholarship
  • Duplin County Agribusiness Scholarships
  • Duplin County Farm Bureau, Inc. Scholarship
  • Duplin County Retired School Personnel Scholarship
  • Duplin General Hospital Medical Staff Endowed Scholarship
  • Duplin Winery Scholarship
  • Marion Louise Price Elkin Scholarship
  • W.E. Foster Helping Hand Scholarship
  • Four County EMC Scholarship
  • Sheriff George Garner Memorial
  • John B. Hall Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles Forrest Hawes Scholarship
  • Vernon Hawes Memorial Scholarship
  • James G. and Sudie M. Henry Memorial Scholarship
  • Willard Hoffler Scholarship
  • Margaret Marshall Holland Memorial Scholarship
  • William B. and Christine S. Holland Scholarship
  • Evelyn and Jackie Johnson Nursing Scholarship
  • Mary Sue Cowan Johnson and Nash Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Jackie Fussell Jones Scholarship
  • JSCC Educational Office Professionals Scholarship
  • JSCC Faculty Council Scholarship
  • JSSC Medical Assistants Club Scholarship
  • JSCC President’s Council Scholarship
  • JSCC Scholarly Men of Success Academy Scholarship
  • JSCC Trustee Scholarship
  • Doug Judge Memorial Scholarship
  • Vivian and Harry E. Kramer Memorial Scholarship
  • George F. Landen Memorial Scholarship
  • Lane‐Taylor Memorial Scholarship
  • William H. McLean Scholarship
  • Edd Dudley and Marie A. Monk Memorial Scholarship
  • John C. Moore Memorial Scholarship
  • Murphy Farms Scholarship
  • OC, Olivia and Cherish Murray Scholarship
  • Dovie L. Penney Memorial Scholarship
  • Emmanuel Pickett Memorial Scholarship
  • Piggly-Wiggly of Wallace Scholarship
  • John F. Powers Memorial Scholarship
  • Carla Price Memorial Scholarship, Given by Duplin Rotary
  • Stacy R. Quinn Memorial Scholarship
  • R. Quinn Memorial Scholarship
  • Corbett Quinn Scholarship
  • Lila Swinson Roberts Memorial Scholarship
  • James R. Rose Memorial Scholarship
  • Lawrence L. Rouse Scholarship
  • Ada Williams Smith Memorial Scholarship
  • Jesse Norman and Bertha Williams Smith Scholarship
  • John Cameron and Ruby Spence Smith Scholarship
  • Stoppelbein and Coleman, DDS, PA Academic Scholarship
  • James F. Strickland Scholarship
  • Mary J. Tate Memorial Scholarship
  • Geraldine and Russell Tucker Scholarship
  • Tutor and Alphin Scholarship
  • Wallace Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Perry Whaley Memorial Scholarship
  • Hertford and Ora Herring Wiggs Scholarship
  • Daniel Allen Williams Scholarship
  • Robert and Thelma Williams Scholarship
  • Zettie Brinson Williams Scholarship
  • William and Kathryn Wrenn Scholarship
  • Charles H. Yelverton Scholarship

The Herring Scholarship

The Herring Scholarship is a need based scholarship that is awarded each year to students currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a curriculum program at JSCC, that reside in either Duplin County or the town of Mount Olive.

The awards are made by the Herring Scholarship Committee, a group of area high school counselors and members of the Herring Trustee Board, which reviews applications. The recipients are chosen based on financial need, letters or recommendation and personal essays*.

Recipients are selected each May for the following year. Students interested in applying should submit or have forwarded to the Office of the Vice President of College Advancement the following items:

  1. A completed application for the Herring Scholarship. Application forms are available from the Office of the Vice President of College Advancement, generally by early March.
  2. Three letters of recommendation from school, business, and/or leaders in the community attesting to your character and leadership.
  3. A 300 to 500 word essay (double spaced) on the people and experiences that have shaped or influenced your values and your educational and/or life.
  4. Completed the free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  5. Must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to be eligible to apply.

* Students who are currently receiving WIA or Dislocated Work funds are not eligible to apply for JSCC Foundation Academic Scholarships.