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Inclement Weather

JSCC is committed to keeping you informed of campus closures in a timely and consistent manner.

General Policy

When inclement weather prevails (ice, snow, or natural disaster) or other hazardous
conditions exist, the President or his designee will determine whether the college will
be closed and/or what activities of the college will be canceled or postponed. The
President’s designee is the Chief of Staff. Announcements about the closing and
re‐opening of the college, cancellations or postponements of classes and other
activities, and whether college personnel and students should report to work will be
made over radio and television stations, Spartan Alert System (SAS) and social media
outlets. The Director of Marketing and Public Information will make contact with the
radio and television stations and update the website. The Director of Public
Information and Security will maintain the SAS. Activities of the college will proceed
as scheduled unless specifically announced otherwise. The college will reschedule
classes canceled because of inclement weather as necessary. Additional information is
available in the college catalog.
The college may require work‐time missed by employees when the college is closed
because of inclement weather to be made upon an as-needed basis. Appropriate leave
time must be taken by employees who do not report for work when the college is
officially open.

Curriculum Missed or Canceled Classes

Scheduled curriculum classes which are missed or not held for any reason, including
inclement weather, are to be made up by giving an alternative assignment(s).
These assignments are to be documented and on file in the appropriate Department Head’s
office area. If missed time for classes taught by salaried or permanent instructors is
not made up as described above, student membership hours must be adjusted
accordingly. Missed or canceled classes taught by part‐time or adjunct instructors
must be rescheduled or the instruction made up with the documented alternative
assignment. When the missed or canceled classes exceed five in number, then the
class(es) in excess of five must be rescheduled. Part‐time instructors are
compensated by a lump sum for the courses taught.
Continuing Education Missed or Canceled Classes
Missed or canceled classes will be made up (rescheduled) to the extent possible and
the instructional contract modified to reflect a change in class ending date if required.
In the event that it is not possible or practical to reschedule the missed or canceled
class(es), the instructor’s contract will be modified to reflect the reduced hours.
Additionally, instructor compensation will be adjusted and student hours reported
under that contract will also be adjusted to reflect the reduced hours resulting from the
missed or canceled class(es).

News Media

Students should refer to the news media listed below for information
concerning the cancellation of school:

• 93.7 FM/1180 AM The Dude Radio Station, Topsail Beach
• 98.7 FM/1150 AM WPTF Radio Station, Goldsboro
• 98.3 FM/106.3 AM The Penguin, Carolina Beach
• 99.1 FM/1490 AM WZFX Radio Station, Fayetteville (FOXY 99)
• 95.7 FM WKML Radio Station, Fayetteville
• 96.5 FM WFLB Radio Station, Laurinburg
• 94.3 FM WAZZ‐Fayetteville
• 91.5 FM WUNC Chapel Hill (NC Public Radio)
• 107.7 FM WUKS Radio Station, Fayetteville
• 107.9 FM WNCT Radio Station, Greenville
• WWAY Channel 3 Wilmington Television Station
• WRAL Channel 5 Raleigh Television Station
• WECT Channel 6 Wilmington Television Station
• WITN Channel 7 Greenville Television Station
• WNCT Channel 9 Greenville Television Station
• WCTI Channel 12 New Bern Television Station

Social Media

Closings will also be posted on the college’s social media pages:
Career and College Promise classes scheduled at local high schools will operate
according to the inclement weather schedule of the public schools.


Lt. Richard Whitman
Director of Public Safety
Phone:  910.275.6175
Email:  rwhitman@jamessprunt.edu

Stay informed about weather-related closings, sign up to receive a Spartan Alert on your cell phone.