James Sprunt Becomes a C3 Partner with NC State University

James Sprunt Community College is excited to announce it will be joining in forces with NC State University as one of the community college partners in the Community College Collaboration (C3) program. C3 is a dual admissions program for students who demonstrate potential for academic success through previous academic work in high school or at the community college level, and exhibit a high level of motivation and perseverance. Students who enter into the C3 program at James Sprunt Community College and successfully complete their program of study will be guaranteed admissions at NC State University. 

“The C3 program is just one more way that we can show our students the commitment that exists between James Sprunt Community College and NC State University,” said Dr. Jay Carraway, President of James Sprunt Community College. “Students can complete their associate degree James Sprunt and transfer seamlessly to NC State to receive their bachelor’s degree.”

Who can apply to C3? The C3 program is open to students immediately after completing high school or who have less than 30 credit hours from a community college. C3 students will have up to three years to complete their Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree at James Sprunt Community College. After the completion of the A.A. or A.S. degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, C3 participants are guaranteed admissions to NC State University. Entry into specific majors may be more competitive. 

James Sprunt Community College is a natural fit for the C3 program, says Director Martha Harmening. “With Agriculture as one of NC State’s mission programs, building a partnership with James Sprunt makes sense because of our shared focus on the future of agriculture and shared commitment to rural students.” 

As the C3 program continues to expand, NC State has prioritized increasing access to students with economic need indicators and rural backgrounds. As a Tier 1 county, Duplin County students are more likely to have financial need, be first-generation students, and benefit from the support a program like C3 can offer. 

“As a rural community college in Eastern North Carolina, we strive to help to minimize the costs associated with obtaining a bachelor’s degree and ease the financial burden upon families, and that is what this agreement helps to do that,” said Carraway. “Through this agreement, our students can realize that by beginning at a community college and transferring, they could save time and money towards their academic goals.”

While enrolled in the C3 program at James Sprunt, students will have a chance to visit NC State University for specialized C3 activities and to network with others enrolled in the program across North Carolina at other community colleges.

“This is a great program for James Sprunt students, and we hope that those who wish to transfer to NC State will take advantage of it,” said Carraway. “We will continue to work with other colleges and universities to ensure that our students will have a positive experience once they transfer to another institution, whether that be NC State, the University of Mount Olive, East Carolina University, or any of the 16-member institutions in the University of North Carolina System.”

James Sprunt Community College will be the eleventh C3 Partner school with NC State University to date.

For more information, please read the press release published by NC State University:


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