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James Sprunt’s QEP

Spartan Skills: Skills for School, Work, and Life

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Spartan Skills is the title of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for James Sprunt Community College. It is a program designed to improve the soft skills of students by focusing on the skills of communication, professionalism, problem-solving, and teamwork. Faculty will be trained on how to embed soft skills across the curriculum to prepare students to succeed academically, professionally, and personally. Through this plan, students will become more marketable through the building and understanding of the identified Spartan Skills.

With the implementation of the QEP over the next 5 years,  we will be able to improve the experience and quality of the education that we offer for our students. Our graduates will be better prepared for the job market and will be equipped with the necessary soft skills to be successful.



  1. The title of the QEP is Spartan Skills.
  2. The slogan is – Skills for School, Work, and Life.
  3. Spartan Skills that the QEP focuses on are communication, professionalism, problem-solving, and teamwork.
  4. Spartan Skills listed above are soft skills that employers seek in our graduates.
  5. The first skill to be implemented will be communication.



What is your QEP?
Spartan Skills – Skills for School, Work, and Life.


What are the four Spartan Skills?
Communication, Professionalism, Problem-Solving, and Teamwork


Which Spartan Skills will be implemented first?
QEP team identified written communication and oral communication as the first skills incorporated.


How are you planning to implement it?
Multi-phased approach, starting Fall 2018 with written communication in Vo-Tech. All skills will be incorporated over a 5-year period.


What does success look like?
• Competent graduates with strong Spartan Skills
• Faculty/Staff who are fully engaged
• Positive feedback from employers


How do you define career readiness?
The Department of Education defines career readiness as a unifying set of skills that cut across the workforce development and education sectors.


How many programs does James Sprunt have?
• Associate in Arts
• Associate in Science
• Associate in General Education
• Associate in Applied Science (16 programs)
• Diplomas (10 programs)
• Certicates (21 programs)


How many students do you have total?
Around 1,200 curriculum students


How many students are involved in the QEP committee?
17 students in various capacities


How many faculty and staff are on the QEP committee?
13 Faculty/Staff


How was the QEP topic selected?
The committee facilitated 20 focus groups with students, faculty, staff, employers, and community members.
Everyone was in agreement that Career Readiness was important for student success, and that is how Spartan Skills came about.


What will you do if instructors don’t want to participate in the QEP?
We will counsel and inform them on the QEP, and its positive effects on students/College


What will you do if students don’t want to participate in the QEP?
We will counsel and inform them on the QEP, and its positive effects on their future employment and postitive impact on their overall quality of life


Will all faculty be involved?
Yes, all will be involved in various phases


Will all faculty be trained?
Yes, all part-time and full-time curriculum faculty will be trained in a phased in approach. An online learning management system will be used to assist with training.


How are we keeping up with all the data?
Data will be stored electronically


How are you assessing the pilot?
Learning Gains, Surveys, and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)


Will you be able to get all departments on board?
Yes, Spartan Skills provide the necessary tools to be a successful student and employee


How many new students to JSCC did you have in Fall 2017?
In Fall 2017, over 300 new students enrolled


Which assessment methods will you use to measure the QEP?
• CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement)

• Learning Gains

• Surveys

• SLOs (Student Learning Outcomes)


How will you incrementally phase it in?
First, we are focusing on Vo-Tech with written communication followed by oral communication. Additional departments and skills will be phased in later.