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Duplin County Center for Leadership Development

Are you a citizen of Duplin County? Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader? Wanted to find leadership training to further your career, start a business or just use just leadership skills to better your community? If yes to any of these questions, this program is for you!

Learning to Lead

Duplin County Center for Leadership Development

A Citizen Leadership Training Program


Three Goals of the DCCLD

The goals of the DCCLD are:

  • To develop a leadership training institute to serve all peopl
  • To develop a quality program designed to fulfill the center’s mission and vision to include training for under-represented groups, minorities and women
  • To further develop the coalition of business, community college, governmental, civic/social, and faith-based organizations that will ultimately co-sponsor the leadership training institute.

The program includes the development of specific skills to get citizens to be proactive in community issues that impact economic growth and development. The program is intended to respond to critical needs in rural southeastern North Carolina. It is also intended to develop empowered grassroots leaders in preparing them to deal with the many challenges faced today and in the new millennium.

Four Developmental Stages

In developing the training program, DCCLD worked within the premise that leaders must function as cornerstones, communicators, collaborators, and catalysts that the cultivation of citizen leaders is a process of progression through four developmental stages:

  1. Awareness– establishes the foundation for the development of the citizen leader. It is the initial point at which the individual recognizes the capacity of citizens to solve their own problems. The potential citizen leader demonstrates self-reflection – exploring, discovering, and characterizing self with regard to self-esteem, values, personal strengths and weaknesses and learns to accept responsibility for his/her actions.
  2. Transformation–involves the individual in the acquisition of knowledge and skills required to create solutions to community problems. At this stage, the individual takes the steps to transform from a passive observer of politics to an active citizen leader.
  3. Commitment– stage three is marked by a conscious commitment to citizen leadership philosophies, principles, and practices. Innovation and risk-taking, when tempered with common sense, are viewed as necessary ingredients in the growth process.
  4. Action– During this stage of development the individual will earn practical applications of the first three stages. What has been previously learned will be applied in a concrete “real-life” situation.

Nine Training Modules

The “core” of the DCCLD program is a 9-module program consisting of 24 hours of training. The agenda is:

  • Self-Awareness and Leadership Styles
  • Communication and Diversity
  • Problem Framing/Solving/Conflict Resolution
  • Group Dynamics
  • Effective Meetings
  • Business Plan
  • Understanding Local Government
  • Building Community Coalitions
  • The Importance of Globalization

Leadership Skills Topics

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • DISC Profile Assessment
  • Effective Communication Strategies and Team Building
  • Morals, Values, and Self-Esteem
  • Conflict Resolution and Time Management
  • Parenting Issues: Bullying, Diversity, Generational Gap, Sexual Orientation
  • Problem Solving/Effective Meetings
  • Roles of the Change Agent and Building Community Coalitions
  • Action Plan Presentation/Graduation

The Duplin County Center for Leadership Development (DCCLD) has designed and implemented training programs providing citizens with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify critical issues to bring people together
  • Facilitate public discussions
  • Engage in creative problem solving
  • Improve the quality of life in the community

The purpose of the Duplin County Center for Leadership Development is to develop informed future leaders for Duplin County. The mission is the development of leadership training and participation opportunities that will enhance social, cultural, and economic growth and improve the quality of life in the community. DCCLD is guided by the principles of democracy, consensus, diversity, ethics, and accountability. The integration of new and existing leaders is a central feature of their work. Programs are designed to respond to participant needs and enhance their leadership and decision-making skills. The program places a special emphasis on the community application of skills learned and is non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-political. The programs are inspired by a global vision and recognition that the Center is a member of a worldwide community. The program is open to all members of the service area.

The DCCLD is committed to developing a leadership training program that develops “grassroots” leaders who will be involved and become catalysts for positive changes. The program is built upon the philosophical premise that citizen leaders exist in all communities. By engaging citizens in a comprehensive curriculum, they can develop into major players within that community. DCCLD can assist individuals in recognizing and accepting responsibility for active participation in problem solving at the community and state levels.

How to Apply

Please contact Ashley Graham by email at agraham@jamessprunt.edu or by phone at 910.275.6152.


Ashley Graham
Foundation Director
Phone: 910.275.6152
Email:  agraham@jamessprunt.edu