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Barbering School

Is it your dream to become a barber and help others look their best? Maybe you're thinking about owning your own barber shop one day. The barber school at James Sprunt is one of the best in the country.

Barbering consist of haircutting, shaving, trimming the beard, coloring the hair, applying hair tonics, permanent waving, marcelling the hair, facial and scalp massages, treatments with oils, creams, lotions or other preparations either by hand or mechanical appliances.

This course provides an orientation to the skills necessary to become a professional Barber-Stylist, for individuals with no prior experience in the hair care industry. This program requires 1528 clock hours of instruction and results in a local certificate. The Barber Styling Program prepares an individual for the North Carolina Barber Board Exam which results in an apprentice license. After at least one year of on the job training another examination is given by the Barber Board to issue a Registered Barber License. Additionally, at completion of this course, expect to work in an entry level position in a shop or other related businesses.



Program Goals

JSCC School of Barbering seeks to:

  • To provide Learners with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the North Carolina Board of Barber Licensing Exam, thereby equipping them for the professional work force in the industry.
  • To empower each Learner with confidence, professionalism and enthusiasm to meet the demands of our ever-changing industry.
  • To enhance the Barber Industry in this community and state through education and Learner involvement in community service.
  • To assist our graduates in becoming social competent members of their communities, to a degree that each can appreciate and handle the many human relation problems that will be encountered.
  • To assist our future barbers with knowledge and ethics consistent with responsible social and professional behavior.

Hours of Operation

JSCC School of Barbering is held in the Herring Building Room 106/106B. Day classes are held Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 4:15 pm and night classes are from 4:30 pm – 10:30 pm.


Barber School begins in January, May and August of each year. A copy of a Diploma/GED or college transcript is a requirement for records. All learners must have a Learner Permit issued by the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners (NCBBE).

North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners law states a learner cannot begin training or receive hours until permit has been received from the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiner’s office. Consequently, preregistration is required for this class.

Download the Barber School Student Handbook

Patsy McCoy
Department Chair, Barbering School
Phone:  910.275.6209
Email:  pmccoy@jamessprunt.edu

Being a barber is about taking care of the people.  – Anthony Hamilton