Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a federally funded program, which provides eligible students with academic support services and activities that will enhance their academic skills, thereby ensuring that these students will complete high school and enroll in and complete programs of post-secondary education. The program provides an array of academic, educational, and career support.

Services we provide

  • Academic instruction in Math through pre-calculus, English, Spanish,Ā  Science, and a Science Lab.
  • Academic advice and assistance in secondary school course selection.
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance examinations.Ā 
  • Guidance in secondary school reentry and entry to programs of post-secondary education.Ā 
  • Exposure to careers in which disadvantaged individuals are particularly underrepresented.Ā 
  • Personal, academic, educational, financial, social & career counseling.
  • Ā Tutorial services in Math, Science, English, Spanish, & other high school courses.Ā 
  • Exposure to college campuses as well as cultural events, academic programs, and other sites or activities not usually available to low-income youth.Ā 
  • Orientation workshops for the parents of the enrollees.Ā 
  • Supplementary academic skills workshops such as study skills & test-taking skills.Ā 
  • Mentoring programs involving the college faculty, staff & students.

Eligible Students

Students who are enrolled in one of the area’s high schools. At the time of initial selection, the student must be in the second semester of 9th or 10th grade with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Each participant must need academic support to pursue successfully a program of education beyond secondary school. All participants must be either low-income or potential first-generation college students. Participants must enroll in a post-secondary school upon high school graduation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A completed Upward Bound Application packet.
  • Parentā€™s most recent IRS tax verification form.

Our Location

James Sprunt Community College in the Strickland Student Center

Upward Bound Documents

Upward Bound Information Sheet

Upward Bound Information Sheet Spanish VersionĀ 

Upward Bound ApplicationĀ 

Upward Bound Application Spanish Version

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