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The mission of the James Sprunt Foundation, Inc. is to promote the development of James Sprunt Community College and its programs and activities; and through such action to expand the opportunity for accessible quality education for the people of Duplin County and southeastern North Carolina. The James Sprunt Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization. This organization was founded in September 1973 by the Board of Trustees. Over the years, the James Sprunt Foundation has been dedicated to committing its resources to assisting James Sprunt Community College increase the quality of its programs and services and providing additional financial assistance to deserving students through its scholarships program.


Here are a few simple instructions on how to apply for a student emergency loan. How do you qualify? What are the limitations? What is the process?

Ways to

Many people who support the James Sprunt Foundationā€™s mission say they derive great satisfaction from their generosity and would like to do more. We can suggest creative ways to support the college and its students in ways that you might not have considered.

Board of Directors

See our Foundation Board of Directors and Foundation Staff.


A limited number of academic scholarships are awarded each year to students currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a curriculum program at James Sprunt Community College. Awards range from $250 to $1,200.

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