Explore career training options for Barber, Cosmetology, Manicurist, and Natural Hair Care. Contact Flor Diaz (910) 275-6185,, McGowen 170
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View opportunities to enroll in GED, Adult High School, and English as a Second Language courses. Contact Sherri Thigpen, (910) 275-6201,, Boyette 220
This four or eight-hour course is designed for the person who has been ticketed for speeding or violating traffic laws. Contact Hannah Lanier, (910) 275-6200,, McGowen 171A
healthcare training
Short-term healthcare courses prepare students to work in a variety of health-related occupations. Contact Tiffany Braswell, (910) 275-6194,, McGowen 173
Estos cursos son impartidos en español e inglés o exclusivamente en español. Contactar a Flor Diaz, (910) 275-6185,, McGowen 170
personal enrichment
Personal Enrichment courses provide students with the opportunity to learn a new skill, develop a hobby, and engage in the joy of lifelong learning. Contact Patricia Underwood, (910) 275-6192,, McGowen 172
public safety
Prepare for careers in EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement, and obtain required continuing education credits for certifications. Contact Craig Garner, (910) 275-6190,, McGowen 171C
truck driver
View course offerings to become well-equipped for positions in transportation, diesel, and automotive industries.
Workforce Skills Training offers a variety of courses that will provide students with the ability to be successful in the workplace.

Subscribing to the philosophy of life-long learning, the Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division offer a wide range of courses and programs for adults of all ages and interests.

Short-Term Training equals Long-Term Careers!

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