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JSCC offers several distance learning courses for students who need a flexible schedule. Students may choose from fully online courses or hybrid courses, which meet both in the seated classroom and online. Online courses do not require regular face-to-face time, however, there may be requirements for proctored exams that require students to come to the JSCC campus or an instructor-approved location for testing.

While online learning provides schedule flexibility, they are equivalent to traditional courses in student requirements and academic rigor. Students choosing online learning should be self-motivated, have good time management skills, and self-discipline as well as be proficient using computers.

Successful Online Students:

  • Can work independently with little direction
  • Communicate effectively with the instructor to address questions and concerns
  • Have good reading and writing skills
  • Are self-motivated and self-disciplined to stay on task and not get behind in coursework
  • Do not procrastinate but complete assignments well before the deadline
  • Devote a minimum of 3-5 times per week to checking email and online course for assignment completion and course participation
  • Have basic computer skills and feel confident using email, the internet, and a word processor
  • Have access to a computer with reliable Internet access

Expectations of Online Students:

Students should be able to perform basic computer operations such as:

  • Send, receive, reply to, and forward email
  • Send an email with an attachment
  • Use a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, etc.) to search and navigate the internet
  • Open and view files provided by the instructor
  • Download and install plugins on a personal computer
  • Troubleshoot technical problems on your own or seek assistance to resolve problems quickly
  • Create, save, and edit documents in a word processor

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