All students are required to have a valid Residency Determination from the North Carolina Residency Determination Service to enroll. Once completed, you will be assigned a Residency Certification Number (RCN). 

We recommend you have access to the following information before you start your determination: 

  • Driver’s License or Non-Driver ID
  • Tax Return Information 
  • Vehicle License & Registration Information 
  • Social Security Number 
  • Voter Registration (if applicable) 
  • Immigration Documents (if applicable) 

If you are under the age of 25, you will most likely need to complete residency with a parent or legal guardian, as their personal information may be needed. 

Need assistance completing residency application? Contact the Residency Determination Service at  (844) 319-3640 or

Need access to a computer, scanner, and fax machine to complete your RDS process? Visit JSCC’s Admissions office in the Strickland Building for assistance. 

If you are classified as an out-of-state student and feel this is incorrect, please contact RDS right away and begin the recommended steps to have your residency re-evaluated. RDS will typically ask you to complete a re-consideration and/or an appeal.  If RDS requests additional documentation from you, please pay close attention to deadlines and follow up with RDS if you have any questions or concerns. 

If your residency determination changes, you must contact Admissions to update your student record.  Please email Remember to include your student ID number in any correspondence. 

If you are a transfer student and have a valid residency status that will not expire before the term you wish to enroll begins, you will not need to complete the residency process again. You can use your current/valid residency certification number for JSCC enrollment. If your residency certification will expire before the term you wish to enroll begins, please update your residency status. 

North Carolina Residency Determination Service  

(844) 319-3640 

Student and Parent Resources 

Foreign National and International Students

In addition to the general admission process, you may be required to submit immigration documents to the Admissions Office and the Residency Determination Service. Please review the following information:

Contact Info

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