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Human Resources is committed to supporting the Collegeā€™s mission, vision, and strategic goals. HR strives to develop and implement policies, programs, and services that balance the efficient use of College resources, while effectively addressing the collective needs of faculty and staff.

  • Develops and maintains a system for employment and selection that is responsive to the needs of departments and is free of discriminatory biases.
  • Administers a compensation plan that addresses external competitiveness, internal equity, and meritorious performance.
  • Provides a comprehensive, affordable insurance and benefits program.
  • Continuously explores new benefit offerings that are responsive to the needs of employees.
  • Implements performance development plans that recognize the contributions of each employee and encourages personal and professional growth.
  • Continuously reviews policies and procedures to improve college services.
  • Seeks new ways to incorporate technology in the efficient delivery of human resources services.

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Contact Info

Office: 910-275-6182
Fax: 910-296-2479

Ā jscchr@jamessprunt.eduĀ 

Welcome to James Sprunt Community College’s application process! You can apply online by clicking on the job title you are interested in and clicking on the “Apply” link.
Follow the application guidelines to ensure full consideration of your employment application with James Sprunt Community College.
The employees at James Sprunt Community College are our most important asset. Our Human Resources Department is always striving to enhance the benefits offering here at the college.
Learn more about medical and supplemental benefits, including: the State Health Plan, Flexible Benefit Plans, SEANC, and Retirement benefits.
Would you like to see a list of pay dates for James Sprunt Community College? Just click the link below to see pay dates.
The safety of our students and employees is top priority James Sprunt Community College. JSCC strives to make its campus safe and welcoming learning environments.

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