The following is an excerpt from the ‚ÄúPolicy on Closure of the College Due to Adverse Weather and Other Conditions‚ÄĚ:

General Policy

When inclement weather prevails (ice, snow, or natural disaster) or other hazardous conditions exist, the President or his designee will determine whether the college will be closed and/or what activities of the college will be canceled or postponed. The President’s designee is the Chief of Staff. Announcements about the closing and reopening of the college, cancellations or postponements of classes and other activities, and whether college personnel and students should report to work or class will be made over radio and television stations, Spartan Alert System (S.A.S.), and social media outlets.  The Director of Marketing and Publications will make contact with the radio and television stations and update the website.  The Director of Public Safety and Security will maintain the S.A.S.  Activities of the college will proceed as scheduled unless specifically announced otherwise.  The college will reschedule classes canceled because of inclement weather as necessary.  Additional information is available in the college catalog.

JSCC Inclement Weather Policy 

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