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Distance Learning

To meet the growing needs of students who desire to continue their education, JSCC offers a number of distance learning courses for students who need a flexible schedule. Students may choose from fully online courses or hybrid courses, which meet both in the seated classroom and online. Online courses do not require regular face to face time, however, there may be requirements for proctored exams which require students to come to the JSCC campus or an instructor-approved location for testing.

While online learning provides schedule flexibility, there are many differences in the online and seated classroom. The method content is delivered and how students respond and interact with their instructor and fellow students are just a few of the differences. Students choosing online learning should be prepared for these differences and self-assess their skill level to determine if they would be successful.

Successful online students:

  • are able to work independently with little direction
  • communicate effectively with the instructor to address questions and concerns
  • have good reading and writing skills
  • are self-motivated and self-disciplined to stay on task and not get behind in course work
  • do not procrastinate but complete assignments well before the deadline
  • devote a minimum of 2-3 times per week to check email and online course for assignment completion and course participation
  • have basic computer skills and feel confident using email, internet, and a word processor
  • have access to a computer with reliable Internet access.

Expectations of Online Students:

Students should be able to perform basic computer operations such as:

  • send, receive, reply to and forward email
  • send email with an attachment
  • use a web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) to search and navigate the internet
  • open and view files provided by the instructor
  • download and install plugins on personal computer
  • troubleshoot technical problems on your own or seek assistance to resolve problems quickly
  • create, save, and edit documents (such as in MS Word).




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Heather Lanier
Director of Distance Learning
Phone:  910-275-6261
Email:  hlanier@jamessprunt.edu