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Placement Testing

Placement Testing

James Sprunt Community College administers the EdReady RISE placement test to determine your academic readiness to take college-level English or math courses – or your readiness to take other classes that require English or math proficiency. Students may take up to two English tests and up to three math tests. Click here to review our RISE Placement Guide and Crosswalk. 

Who Needs to Test?

Testing is not required if:

  • You have graduated from a United States high school and have an unweighted GPA.
  • You have already earned an Associate’s degree or higher level of education.
  • Special credit students (students not working towards a credential) may take up to 12 credit hours in areas other than math and English.
  • Successful completion of developmental coursework or college-level English and / or Math course.
  • You have SAF or ACT test scores or have other valid placement test scores (NC-DAP, Accuplacer, Compass or ASSET tests) on file with Admissions that are less than 10 years old.
  • You completed your G.E.D. since 2014.
  • You completed the HiSET since 2014 and earned a score of 15 or higher, on all sections, with atleast a score of 4 on the essay.

Preparing for the Placement Test

We strongly encourage students to review for the placement test. Below you will find some helpful resources:

Placement Test Study Resources

Khan Academy

Purple Math

Core Math (JSCC email/password required)


Grammar Book

Core English (JSCC email/ password required)

Schedule Placement Test 

Complete the online form for the placement test administered in the Student Success Center located in the Boyette Library.


What types of questions are on the test? CLICK HERE FOR CONTENT EXAMPLES.  To request a copy of your scores, complete the Placement Test Scores Request Form (pdf)and return to aferrell@jamessprunt.edu.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Amber Ferrell
Phone:  910-275-6368
Email:  aferrell@jamessprunt.edu

Karla Blanton
Phone:  910.275.6367
Email:  kblanton@jamessprunt.edu