Each student must have a completed application, completed enrollment form, and submit an up-to-date transcript. CCP is open to all eligible high school students in North Carolina attending a public school, private school, or registered home school.

What do I need to take college courses?

  • Completed CCP application with all required signatures.Ā 
  • Completed Enrollment Form for the pathway(s) selected.
  • Up-to-date high school transcript with the unweighted GPA listed.
  • Test card (if needed to verify eligibility).
  • 9th/10th graders will need the 9th/10th-grade eligibility form completed with all required signatures.
  • GPA waiver if you have lower than a 2.8 unweighted GPA ā€“ (CTE courses only for juniors and seniors).Ā 
  • FERPA form ā€“ this form is optional, but it is required before school officials can speak with parents/guardians regarding college courses.

Please contact Morgan Smith or your high school counselors to begin the application process.

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